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Branding, Design & Strategy

Creative Cartel

Dexter Biyela

We help purpose-driven brands expand through strategy activation, design empowerment, and market adoption while collaborating with experts to enhance brand and audience connection.


Our team specializes in creating digital platforms that empower users and support company growth. With a deep understanding of what motivates people, we design effective methods for rapid ROI.

  • Brand Strategy & Experience: Building Guidelines & Systems, Trends & Insights

  • Content Strategy & Content Marketing

  • Digital Strategy & Activation

  • Web & App Development (front-end + back-end), Functional Prototyping, SEO Strategy & Systems, Automation/ Workflow (AI/ML)

  • Digital Growth & Branding

  • Design Systems with UX & UI Design

  • Digital Strategy & Design Direction,

  • Industry & Consumer Research


Google & Meta Advertising

Ad Creative & 3D Product Renders

Marketing Consulting & Strategy


Claudia Lee

We specialize in providing top-tier Google and Meta advertising solutions, with our overall aim, to grow brand and develop consistent sales.

We also offer comprehensive AI based creative and 3D product rendering services, enabling your brand to showcase your products and services in the most engaging and

visually stunning way possible.

Grow your company through, consistent and scalable advertising, on Google and Meta.

Expertly made and managed, Google, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram ads.

If you're someone who has crafted or created, an in-demand product or service and built an audience, you're looking to scale, we're who you want.

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